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Payroll Service

Business Accounting Services is your complete payroll solution provider.  We have the latest in payroll service offerings and we have the expertise and resources to keep up with the latest in payroll tax laws.

This makes Business Accounting Services the best choice for servicing the payroll demands of  your business and the best way to avoid missing tax deadlines and incurring costly penalties.

Business Accounting Services Payroll Service 

Let Us Get Your Payroll Right the First Time...

With Every Payroll We Prepare You will Receive:

  • Payroll Checks
  • Employee Earnings Summary
  • Payroll Registers
  • Reporting Forms
  • Department Summary (Optional)

There are Three Ways to Make Your Tax Deposits:

  • Client pays taxes following instructions provided indicating due date, amount and where to file.
  • Tax deposit checks are prepared for you, ready for your signature.
  • Funds are transferred from your account for FICA, Federal, State and Local withholding, FUTA and SUTA.

We Prepare All Tax Filings:

  • Federal Quarterly 941
  • State Quarterly 941
  • State Unemployment Wage Report
  • Federal 940 Deposits
  • Multi-State capabilities.
  • You will receive copies of all tax filings for your records.

All Your Year End Requirements Are Completed for You:

  • W-2's & W-3's
  • 1099's & 1096's
  • State W-D's
  • Federal 940


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